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What is The open Source year by D. Anson Brody
  The Open Source Year is my current project.  For one year(July2013-July2014) I'm releasing a new song every two weeks along with a blog post about each song, and original artwork from Angie Walters.  These are demos that lead up to my first full length album.  You are free to download the finished songs and/or the RAW source files and use them under creative commons licence BY-NC-SA.  This license lets you share, remix, cut and paste, tweak, and build upon these works non-commercially, as long as I'm credited (D. Anson Brody) with a link to my website ( and you license any newly derived creations under the identical terms.   If you've got something special in mind and would like to negotiate any of these terms, it's easy! Just email me!   To learn more about Creative Commons check out this video and visit