"A Folk Powerhouse"
-Stephen Ellis, Auditory Asylum

"Trubadour D. Anson Brody is an odd amalgam of preacher, hippie, and rocker whose explosive solo performances are exercises is guitar technique, vocal bombast, and soul."
-Fort Worth Weekly

"Brody had just finished an incredibly powerful song. There was a slight pause, and a woman in the audience gasped: "Oh my god." Then came the applause.
She said what everyone else in the room was thinking."

-Steve Watkins, DFW.com


     D. Anson Brody is a modern folk artist with a powerful, often theatrical, command over audiences.  Professionally trained on the upright bass, Brody left a promising orchestral career to pursue his love of songwriting.  Working in a music store he honed his musical voice and unique style of playing.  He recalls, "I was demoing an acoustic guitar for a customer but I was slapping it like an electric bass. One of the salesman pulled me aside and said, "You can't play guitar like that!"   I disagreed and have disagreed ever since."  Brody has played all types of venues across the country, coffee houses, wine shops, homes, bars, festivals, colleges, high schools, and even a post office.  At one time he lived and toured from his car, and when that car finally died, he did a walking tour from California to Kansas .  He has shared the stage with artists like Tantric, Victor Wooten, and Days of the New.  Speaking through many instruments, including one he built himself, his memorable writing and impressive playing reinforce his distinct ability to move hearts with songs relating to love, struggle, and perseverance.

"My soul is in the live shows man.  I love the connection, the people.  I've only ever been myself on stage."

           -D. Anson Brody

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